Cuban, M ~ Sports Ratings Records

“THe longer the shelf life, the more likely that there is a lower perceived participation value. Sure you may want to talk about your favorite TV show with others, but there is no rush. You can get to it when you get to it. More importantly, networks and production companies should work a lot harder at creating realtime participation around their content. If you can increase the value of participation, you increase the value of the show and the desire to watch the show at the same time as others. [Which is exactly what is happening with sports in record numbers.}
You cant stop people from recording shows on their DVRs, and you shouldnt try. But you should try to give them as many reasons as possible to take advantage of the increased entertainment value of participating with others. High participation equals high viewership. [That is exactly what record ratings for sports are telling us.]”

Cuban, M ~ Sports Ratings Records (31.10.2009)

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