Hanson, M ~ The End of Celluloid

Hanson, Matt
The End of Celluloid

“As religion becomes increasingly marginalized, even obsolete in a rational society based on science and technology, the need for myths and exploration of the spiritual becomes more important. These myths need to be all-encompassing, giving rise to a phenomenon I categorize as “screen bleed.

“Originally a technical term (when non-broadcast safe colors, which are very bright or color-saturated, bleed into other areas of the screen), screen bleed is a useful term to appropriate to describe a modern narrative condition where fictive worlds extend into multiple media and moving image formats. I believe the condition of screen bleed is proliferating due to the immersive 3D worlds we explore as game players and digital media consumers. This is why all-encompassing mythologies are the most resonant with contemporary audiences. After all, if a gaming experience is so involving, so cinematic, why shouldn’t we expand the experience into film or interactive online worlds, where each strand of narrative offers a new dimensional layer? This need for an extensible mise en scène can be seen in the way the most complete, distinct narrative worlds – Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Matrix – propagate in different media. Sci-fi and fantasy worlds represent the best way to do this, as they construct environments and objects that are immediately transferable across media, being so foreign and distinguishable from normality.
He describes The Matrix and how unique it’s been so far.
“Each part of this world works as a discrete unit, but adding the stories together completes the narrative.”

Allusions or references to events or characters that appear in one form and not another, rather than making the active entertainment feel incomplete, add to a believable and convincing narrative world in motion. After all, how many of us understand totally what is happening around us? We are never absolutely informed. The increasing depth of understanding we do get is crucial to our progressively greater pleasure in experiencing the universe.” -> The more you consume the more it sucks you in the more you enjoy it the more you are hooked the more difficult it is to get out the better for the EA!

“It will be fascinating to see the expanded experience of this freeform filmmaking in Glitterati, and follow a real-life instance of screen bleed – where the actor Kip Pardue (who played Victor), stepped out of the frame, and stayed in character for this period of fantasy reportage.”
-> Screen Bleed also includes alternate reality aspects!

Devices like the PSP “should create more instances of screen bleed, the fantasy moving image world melding with reality and vice versa.”
-> Alternate reality aspects!

“SCREEN BLEED: modern narrative condition of fictive worlds being uncontainable in one format and narrative, and their ability to live in other media and moving image formats. Screen bleed extends a story into an immersive experience which will include multiple entertainment media and delivery platforms.”

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