Montola, M et al ~ Designing Social Expansion

Montola, Markus
Stenros, Jaakko
Waern, Annika
Chapter 7 in Montola, M et al ~ Pervasive Games

Games that expand the magic circle of play spatially or temporally also have the tendency to expand it socially. When the spatial and temporal boundaries of games are broken, outsiders get involved in the play, whether or not they are aware of it. […] There are two basic questions to ask: “How is my game going to affect outsiders?” and “How are outsiders going to affect my game?”.”

Definiton pronoia: “a “sneaking feeling one has that others are conspiring behind your back to help you.””
See also BB or quotes, not sure where.

“Socially expanded games engage in a dialogue with people and society outside the magic circle.”
“Prototyping and evaluating games with social expansion are challenging.”

As laboratory experiments and even beta testing can be impossible, the game designer must be constantly aware of the political climate and cultural context of the work. The designer should stay on top of her work at all times, which often requires a lot of work and runtime game mastering.”

129 note 4
The majority of the Swedish population completely rejected the experience of Sanningen om Marika. In an online survey carried out by Aftonbladet newspaper, a vast majority voted that they did not understand the production, and the undertone of the comments was also that they did not care to understand it.”

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