Stenros, J et al ~ Historical Influences on Pervasive Games

Stenros, Jaakko
Montola, Markus

Chapter 3 in Montola, M et al ~ Pervasive Games

Roots of PG:

  • Play in Public Space (54): Campus Culture (55)
  • Play in Everyday Life (56)
  • Roots in Literature and Arts (58): Performing Arts (59), Ludic Literature (61)
  • Gamer Cultures (62): Role-Playing Games (64), Persistent Virtual Worlds (65)
  • The Migration of Influences (66)

“Although their influence is felt most clearly in pervasive larps, role-playing games have influenced pervasive games in general. The structure of role-playing games, a complete fictional world set up and administrated by game masters and populated by characters played by players, is today common in many games.”

“It is as if pervasive games are part of a larger cultural shift, questioning the concepts such as “real” and “fiction.””

Their explanation why and how cultural and technological factors influence each other. This is why this interaction is one of the bases of their research.

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