Mason, M ~ The Pirate’s Dilemma

“If you go back through history you can see there is clearly always value in what pirates are doing. It just takes us a while to figure it out. It is very easy to break a business model. It is hard to put a new one in place. And that’s the problem we are facing now.”

“The only way to beat piracy is to compete with pirates.” (Steve Jobs)

Open Video Conference 2009

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Woitek Konzal

Producer, Consultant, Lecturer & Researcher. I love working where technology meets media in novel ways. Once, I even won an Emmy for digital innovation doing that. Be it for a small but exciting campaign about underground electronic music collectives or for a monster project combining two movies, various 360° videos, 72 ARG-like mini puzzles, and a Unity game, all wrapped up in one cross-platform app – I have proven my ability to adapt to what is required. This passion for novel technologies has regularly allowed me to cross paths with tech startups – an industry and philosophy I am all set to engage with more. I intensely enjoy balancing out my practical work with academic research, teaching, and consulting. Also, I have a PhD in Creative Industries, a M.Sc. in Business Administration, and love to kitesurf.

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