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Success story of an indie film maker, who wasn’t able to refinance his film although he was fairly successful at festivals. He only sold 2,000 DVDs in 2 years. Then he uploaded the film on YouTube and sold 4,000 DVDs in one year, had 530.000 views, and made an advertising partnership with a start-up Web site which brought in another $15,000.

Four Eyed Monsters is the first example of how YouTube actively tried to go that way.

“Project:Direct” was YouTube’s next project about short films. The winner was flown to Sundance by Hewlett Packard.

“YouTube streaming could actually stimulate DVD sales, pointing to the experience of Monty Python’s distributors, who posted dozens of television segments last year and soon saw its DVD boxed set shoot to No. 2 on Amazon.com’s movies and television bestseller list.”

YouTube’s content partnership head Jordan Hoffner: “”We have no schedule, unlimited shelf space and amazing data about the audience.” Not a bad pitch. Will anyone bite? We’ll see.”

YouTube goes Hollywood
10 MPH
Four Eyed Monsters

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