Eliashberg, J et al ~ From Story Line to Box Office

Eliashberg, Jehoshua
Hui, Sam K.
Zhang, Z. John
From Story Line to Box Office: A New Approach for Green-Lighting Movie Scripts

The argue the green-lighting process of movie studios is based too much on “guesswork based on experts’ experience and intuitions.”
“we propose a new approach to help studios evaluate scripts that will then lead to more profitable green-lighting decisions. Our approach combines screenwriting domain knowledge, natural-language processing techniques, and statistical learning methods to forecast a movie’s return on investment (ROI) based only on textual information available in movie scripts.”

“One may argue that the premise underlying our approach is formulaic script writing, which in turn may lead to a potential narrowing of the new product-development process, leading to unmet demand. We would like to point out that rather than coming out with a set of rigid rules to follow, our approach will only suggest the structural regularities that a successful script generally possesses. We believe that there is room for creativity within the structural regularities.”

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