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Powell, Jenni
Jeff Gomez: Transmedia is a Responsibility Not a Privilege (30.11.2010)

“People feverishly took notes or typed away on laptops as Gomez openly shared years upon years of experience in creating story universes designed to not only extend beyond just one entertainment platform but indeed should work in tandem to create a cohesive and engaging whole. One of the first diagrams Gomez revealed was a set of shapes, each shape representing a platform (movie, game, book). He described a “Typical Media Franchise”, in which the shapes are simply stacked and leaned against each other: touching, but not truly connecting. He then revealed his Transmedia philosophy in diagram form in which the shapes truly fit with each other, forming a perfect rectangle. He called this Transmedia Elegance.” -> EA Elegance!

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Woitek Konzal

Producer, Consultant, Lecturer & Researcher. I love working where technology meets media in novel ways. Once, I even won an Emmy for digital innovation doing that. Be it for a small but exciting campaign about underground electronic music collectives or for a monster project combining two movies, various 360° videos, 72 ARG-like mini puzzles, and a Unity game, all wrapped up in one cross-platform app – I have proven my ability to adapt to what is required. This passion for novel technologies has regularly allowed me to cross paths with tech startups – an industry and philosophy I am all set to engage with more. I intensely enjoy balancing out my practical work with academic research, teaching, and consulting. Also, I have a PhD in Creative Industries, a M.Sc. in Business Administration, and love to kitesurf.

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